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Sun Mar 15

Oh wow

It’s been a while since we both wrote here!  Nikki ha!  I know why you didn’t go back on here.  You forgot not just the login info.. but you forgot the site!  xD  naman!  lol jk.  But yea, you’d better go back soon!

ANYWHO.  Obviously there have been major changes in my life.  As well as Nikki’s I’m sure.  Hehehe Nikki was part of a debut and now currently practicing for another one.  xD  She’s so busy!  Oh and that Hurley Walk the Walk [which I watched!] she recently did.  She rocked the cat walk!  She was awesome on stage.  And Nikki, you can include more later.  ;]

As for me, hahaha.  Get ready…  ::drumroll::  Michael is out of my life.  <.<  Totally!  I got fed up and just ended things with him.  I felt we were on different levels.  So… YUP.  I cut it.  For the good.  I felt that there is something better for me out there.  ;]

… and maybe it showed up.  ;D  Hahaha that’s right.  A new guy.  So fast huh?  But no, we’re taking it slow.  PROMISE!

The lucky guy is Erick Escobar.  He’s a 3rd year in college, so he’s a year older than I am.  ::i’m excited::  This means he is more mature and also with more experience in life.  And he’s a very sweet guy/gentleman.  Did I say he was Guatemalan?

I know what you’re thinking… what is it with me and Latino guys?? 
I HAVE NO CLUE, okay.  But it all depends on their personality… not appearance… or race.  But don’t get me wrong… I don’t wanna date a MEXICAN, you know?  Those average Mexican guys… eww.. no.. I’d rather date South American Latino guys who have class.

But that’s all for now.  More chismis later.  ;]

Thu Sep 25


ahahahahha….ate sarah…this is your fault… lol you got me into the “blogthings” tests…lol…here’s another one… I tried the test you took…

Your Love Score Is: 80

It’s truly love. You have an amazing partner and a wonderful relationship.
Your relationship isn’t perfect, but you know how to work with each other to make it better.

You both listen to one another, give freely, and do your best to make things work.
While you have ups and downs like any other couple, you’re good at getting through the bad times together.

And although you find it easy to love your partner, you understand that lasting love doesn’t come easily.
You are both willing to give this relationship everything you have. And luckily, that’s all it takes to make it work.

this is kinda funny…

Your Stripper Song Is

Barbie Girl by Aqua

“I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation”

You’re hilarious and cute - yet you still pull off sexy! 


You Are Bad Girl Sexy Girl, you are nothing but trouble. And that’s hot.
You’ve got the classic bad girl sexiness mojo going on.
And your badass attitude makes men fear you - and crave you.
Don’t give into people who say to tone it down. You’re perfect as is. What Kind of Sexy Girl Are You?

Wed Sep 17

this is totally accurate…. says michael… ;p

What’s Sexy About Your Name

You are sexy because you are reserved. You keep most of your passion hidden.
In truth, you are a very sensual and sexual person. But you mostly keep this to yourself.

You are secretly very interested in sex and very open minded. You definitely have a wild side most people don’t know about.
You are comfortable with every aspect of your sexuality… but you don’t flaunt it.

When you’re finally alone with someone you trust, it’s like flipping a switch.
You’re sexually savvy, exciting, adventurous, and carefree. No one would ever guess it!

Mon Sep 15

ah shiettttt….

Omg i took this quiz on Blogthings… and it’s so accurate with what I’m dealing with right now. And wow… It’s sadly accurate…

QUIZ:  Are you in Love?

Your Love Score Is: 70 

It’s love, but it’s definitely not ideal. Your relationship brings a lot of heartache too.
On an average day, you are happy and content with your partner. But there are a lot of problems under the surface.

Maybe your relationship has a lot of baggage. Or maybe you don’t communicate with each other as well as you could.
Either way, you both have a bit of resentment toward one another… whether you’ll admit it or not.

You can get the love you want. It may be possible in this relationship, but there are no guarantees.
Do your best to listen more, communicate better, and compromise as much as you can. Give it your best before you give up.

Tue Sep 9


Those are some really cool quotes… I like the one that Hilary Duff quoted… I agree with her opinion… How are you Ate Sarah? i have a soar throat… :(

Fri Sep 5
As a successful woman, there might be a lot of guys who are insecure who don’t want to date you because of your success. But you don’t want to date them anyway. The guys who are going to be turned on by your success are the ones who you want to date, and they are out there. Amber Madison
The women I know are more successful than the men. It’s hard for me to meet someone. I don’t need someone who, like, has as much as me, but I don’t want someone who has much less because then you never really feel taken care of. And it would always make a guy feel not like a man. Hilary Duff in the London newspaper the Guardian
Wed Sep 3

first impression

Yes!<—-lol I mean, yeah….HAHHAHAH… I totally/STRONGLY agree with your list! especially the part that said… (WAG KANG MALARIT!) yup!

Another thing that I think is important is the first impression that the guy shows to the fambam and see if he’s consistent with his “gentleman” attitude. If not…..PATAY! ahhahahah…jk, everyone has flaws, but it can be changed—->if you are willing to change yourself for someone you truly love… Change is hard, aba! wala naman nag sabi that life is easy and that love is breezy. LIFE IS HARD and LOVE IS PAINFUL… But God made these beautiful things to learn how to deal with them and make something good out of it. It helps us GROW to be a better person… Keep on loving each other, keep on helping one another to become a better person and let your love grow—- cause girl, I’m ALL THE WAY WITH YOU… you got my support. Don’t give up on each other now cause LIKE HELL, I’m not giving up on you guys….not now that you’ve come quite far (according to my observations *ahem *ahem ^___~)… :P

Heehehehe…Well, I’m glad that you had fun because I did too! yay! i’m happy that you got to see your lovey-dovey that day! uh-uh! work it gurl! hahahaha. That weekend was probably one of my highlights during summer… Thank you for inviting me/us. I love you ate sarah! take care and GOD BLESS!